Friday, 30 July 2010

French Week

A first for France: a weekly in English

France's first English-language weekly came out on Friday July 30th 2010 and will be on sale every Friday. It is for all those who still love the feel of a real newspaper and want to keep abreast of French affairs, news and culture.

French Week is independently owned so its main journalists can offer robust and unfettered views of French affairs. Editor Miranda Neame has lived and worked in France since her late teens, spending the past 15 years in publishing. News editor Robert Harneis is a seasoned observer of French and European affairs; he has published a biography of Ségolène Royal and translated Nicholas Sarkozy's best-seller 'Témoignage' into English.

French Week's 50 or so bilingual correspondents, all well-implanted around France, will be delving into the country's politics, administration, arts and lifestyle. The aims: to help French and English speakers understand each other; to get to the nitty-gritty of readers' concerns and to whet the curiosity of all residents and lovers of France.